Easter Chicks

Instructions for making an Easter craft from an egg carton, craft wire, and feathers.


-Hi, I'm Debbie Way from Family Fun here to show you how to make Easter chicks. To make one, you'll need an egg carton, a ruler, paint and a brush, cardstock, glue, googly eyes, 6 inches of 24-gauge craft wire, a pushpin, tape, and craft feathers. Cut an end cup from the carton and trim it to a height of 1-1/4 inches. Cut out a center cup and trim off all but the bottom 3/4 inch. Paint the cups and let them dry. Cut feet and beak shapes from card stock and fold up the ends to act as tabs. Glue the beak inside the small cup and the feet inside the large cup. Attach the googly eyes. Wrap the wire around a pen to form a spring. Use a pushpin to make a hole in the top of the large cup, then insert a full circle of the spring. Tape it in place. Bend the other end of the wire into a flat circle and tape it inside the smaller cup. Add feathers with glue or by inserting them into holes made with a pushpin. More than just pretty faces, these bobble-headed birdies nod and wiggle when tapped.

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