Easter Chicken and String Egg

Directions for making a string Easter egg with an adorable pom-pom chick inside.


Easter Chick and String Egg. For the chick, you'll need: orange felt, 1/2-inch pom-pom, 3/4-inch pom-pom, black dimensional paint, tacky glue, and scissors. Cut a small felt heart for the feet. Cut a small felt triangle for the beak. Use tacky glue to stick pom-pom on top of the feet. Glue on beak. Create eye with the dimensional paint. For the egg, you'll need: clothes hanger, paper plate, cotton thread, balloon, waxed paper, clothespin, vegetable oil spray, and white glue. Cut thread into 2-foot lengths, Push chick into the balloon. Inflate balloon to the size of the egg. Spray the balloon lightly with oil. Dip a length of the thread in the glue. Run the thread through your fingers. Wrap the thread around the balloon. Create a random pattern of crisscrossing the thread. Hang finished egg over wax paper to dry (10 to 12 hours). Burst the balloon and remove it. 

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