Whether you fill them with colored eggs or tiny treats, our adorable Easter baskets are sure to enchant every child.

By John Loecke
June 11, 2015

Basket for Baby

What you need:

· Grapevine bird's nest

· White spray paint

· White floral wire

· Hot-glue gun

· White craft feathers

· Thin velvet ribbon

To make: Spray-paint nest and let dry. To create handle, twist together four 12" segments of floral wire and attach to inside of nest with hot glue. Line inside of basket with craft feathers, securing each with a dab of hot glue. Wrap velvet ribbon around handle; glue at ends to finish. Tie a small velvet bow, and glue to handle.

Spring Fling

What you need:

· Square box

· Awl

· Wired ribbon

· Unfinished plant markers

· Hot-glue gun or paste

· White acrylic paint

· Paintbrush

To make: Using the awl, punch a hole in one side of the box. Repeat on opposite side. Cut a 24" length of wired ribbon. Thread one end through each hole; knot ends on the inside of the box to secure. Paste or hot-glue plant markers (pointed ends up) to outer sides of the box. When finished, paint markers white. For decoration, tie a bow to each end of the handle where it meets the box.

Soft Touch

A palette of pretty pastels signals the start of spring.

What you need:

· Smooth-edged container (we used an empty ice-cream bucket)

· Yarn in a variety of pastel colors

· Hot-glue gun

· Four chenille stems

· Scissors

To make: Hot-glue the end of a ball of yarn to the top edge of your container. Holding the ball in one hand, wrap yarn around container. When you reach the bottom, cut yarn from ball, and glue end to container. Repeat using additional colors. To make handle, twist chenille stems together loosely to form loops. Hot-glue ends of handle to the inside of container.

Bunny Bucket

What you need:

· Small metal bucket

· Spray paint

· Bunny-shaped cookie cutter for template

· Green, white, pink, and black felt

· Craft glue

· Pencil

· Scissors

To make: Spray-paint bucket and let dry. Place bunny cookie cutter on white felt, trace outline, and cut out. Cut ears, nose, cheeks, hands, and feet from pink felt, whiskers from white felt, and eyes from black felt; glue to rabbit. Attach bunny to bucket with craft glue. To finish, cut a strip of green felt; fringe to create grass. Wrap grass around base of bucket, and glue in place.

Eggcellent Idea

What you need:

· Corrugated paper

· Pencil

· Scissors

· Self-adhesive craft foam

· Hole punch

· Bone folder (a scrapbooking tool used for scoring and creasing paper)

· Thin ribbon

· Printable templates/diagrams*

To make: Use a photocopier to enlarge template* to desired size of basket. Trace template onto corrugated paper, and cut out. Lay template over corrugated cutout, and punch holes where indicated. Using bone folder, crease cutout where indicated on template. Fold sides up, and lace ribbon through holes. Tie a bow at each corner to secure. For handle, cut strips of corrugated paper (double them to make sturdier) and glue to inside edges of box. To finish, cut four egg shapes from self-adhesive craft foam, embellish each with additional foam decorations, and press to sides of box.

* You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the template. If you don't have this program, click below for a free download.

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