7 Easter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Not only will these Easter activities keep your child entertained, they'll also help with his motor skills and cognitive development.

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There's no rules for how early you can start getting in the Easter spirit, and what better way to channel your inner bunny then to recruit your toddler for some springtime crafts and activities. Check out these seven ideas from Zahra Kassam, CEO and founder of Monti Kids, a Montessori based subscription box for babies and toddlers. They provide hours of entertainment while improving motor skills and cognitive development.

Sensorial Egg Matching

Kassam recommends filling plastic Easter eggs with different objects, such as rice, coins, or jelly beans. “The goal is to pick things that will make different noises when your child shakes the eggs,” she clarifies. Arrange these items in a bowl, and have your child match pairs based on the sounds they make.

Lessons in Counting

Did you know plastic Easter eggs can be a great learning tool? Use a permanent marker to write numbers on the eggs. Then give your preschooler jelly beans, and have them fill the plastic eggs with the corresponding number, suggests Kassam.

Color Matching

Here’s an educational Easter activity for toddlers, courtesy of Kassam: Fill a basket with plastic Easter egg pieces in a variety of colors. Show your child how to find two halves of the same color to put together. “They can continue this activity on their own, which is great for fine motor skills and problem solving,” Kassam says.

Springtime Scavenger Hunt

While taking a walk around the neighborhood, encourage your child to collect “treasures” (sticks, rocks, flowers, etc.) that she can store in an empty egg carton. “Then you can do a ‘sink or float’ experiment with the items in a tub of water when you get home,” adds Kassam.

Easter Coloring Pages

If you want to keep a preschooler entertained, simply print out a couple of coloring pages. Check out our round-up on Parents.com. You can even stuff a few coloring pages into your child’s Easter basket!

Easter-Themed Water Play

For this Easter activity for toddlers, you’ll need two tubs and plastic eggs, along with a large slotted spoon or strainer. “Fill one of the tubs with water and add the plastic eggs,” says Kassam. “Your child can transfer the eggs to the empty tub, which is great for their fine motor skills.”

Eggy Artwork

Running low on art supplies? Use plastic easter eggs as makeshift stamps! Simply take the eggs apart and dip the rims in paint, suggests Kassam. “Your child could create rainbow artwork this way to put in your window as part of the ‘rainbow trails’ many neighborhoods around the world are doing."

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