Because it's all just terrible. Definitely not the most magical time of the year.

1. You have to see your kid’s adorable look of glee when he opens the present he wanted all year. UGH.

2. Your kids want hot chocolate with marshmallows and of course you have to “test” it first.

3. You don’t have to change out of your PJs all day. THE WORST.

4. You have so much shopping to do and you have to do it WITHOUT YOUR KIDS. Seriously, who likes to shop? Alone?

5. Your kids FORCE you to decorate the house until it's the best one on the block. Your hands are tied on this one. Go big or go home!

6. You're obligated to spend time making memories with your kids putting up said decorations. Sigh.

7. You have to build a gingerbread house with tons of candy and frosting. Then eat the leftovers. Yuck.

8. Ugh! Those darling, heart-warming handmade gifts they make you.

9. Someone has to eat the cookies that Santa doesn’t finish.

10. Your kids give you a real reason to celebrate and be thankful over the holidays. BAH HUMBUG!