American Baby readers speak out about holiday traditions that make the season feel nice.


Growing up, I only got to open one present on Christmas Eve, and each year it was always a new set of pajamas to wear Christmas morning. These days, my mom continues the tradition, only now she brings the presents to my house and has pajamas for my husband and son, too! -- Julie, Deer Park, Texas

Seeing the Lights

Every Christmas Eve I love to pile up my entire family in our van and go Christmas-light hunting. My girls enjoy seeing all the lights and we even have contests on who can find the most elaborate decorations. Afterward, we always top off the trip with a cup of hot cocoa. -- Kelly, Beaufort, South Carolina

Perfect Presents

Every year my husband and I exchange a Christmas ornament that reflects the year we just celebrated. We each try to find something that triggers a fond memory of the year that's passed. Last Christmas I was eight months pregnant and my husband gave me an adorable ornament featuring a baby in a carriage. We really love this family tradition and we both can't wait to share it with our daughter when she arrives. -- Wendy, Westfield, Massachusetts

Making Memories

When my husband and I got married, we started putting a small Christmas tree in every room of the house for the holiday season. Our daughter, now 3, loves this new family tradition. -- Jennifer, Saint Peters, Missouri

Home Sweet Home

On the morning of Christmas Eve my children and I curl up in the kitchen and pick out the treat we'll all bake together to give to our friends and family on Christmas morning. Though we make quite a mess, we always have a blast. I hope my daughters will eventually carry on this tradition with their own families. -- Stephanie, West Plains, Missouri

Doing Some Guesswork

On Christmas morning my little ones look forward to playing "The Guessing Game." No one is allowed to open a gift until they have guessed what it is. The guesser may hold the present and ask as many questions as they want. But the best part is what the gift givers do in order to stump the guesser. My family has been known to go as far as packing bricks in with Christmas gifts just to fool one another. -- Maureen, Baltimore, Maryland

Originally published in American Baby magazine, December 2005.

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