Kids' Brutally Honest Letters to Santa

From sweet to sensible to just plain weird, these letters from kids to Santa are a must-read.


[SOUND] [MUSIC] Dear Santa, I have got a mean teacher at school and would like to have a pony to take her out riding and have the pony run away And dump her, and then that would be the last of her. Goodbye. I am your little girl, Garnet Thompson. [MUSIC] Dear Santa, Pa says I am so bad that it is no use to write to you for anything, for you will not bring it. I'm not so bad, Santa, as Pa makes out like. [MUSIC] I just punches my brother when he makes me mad. Now, Santa, when you was a little boy, didn't you punch your little brother? So to fool Pa, just see how much you can bring me. I was nine years old last Tuesday. Sincerely, Earnest Williams. [MUSIC] Dear Santa, Santa, I'm a little girl, ten years old, and the past week I have intended to write to you asking to bring me a nice book, but today, I saw a little boy smoking a cigarette, so I changed my mind. I want you to send me a nice Nice little paddle for these bad boys that smoke. Don't you think that would be a good sensible present? Your little reformer, Leta Giles. Dear Santa Claus, I want [MUSIC] [NOISE] A writing desk, a bugle, a drum, a sword, a Bible, a tool box, three games, a five pound box of candy, a little couch, some fruit, nuts, bananas, apples, a chair, a pair of little scissors, colored paper, pens and pencils, a ball, dog, story books, a little piano and stool, a pipe organ, a set of little furniture, a bloodhound, a trunk, bed, rubber boots, a pair of Teddy Roosevelt leggings, and a house. Complete. Yours truly, J.B. Cessna. [BLANK_AUDIO] P.S: Please bring me all that I ask for, as it is not much. [BLANK_AUDIO] Mr. Santa, Will you please bring me a wagon with a duck hitched to it? To it. I am five years old. I am fat. I was raised on melons. Howard says he is as big as me but he ain't. O! I forgot to tell you, I want some candy. I am tired and I will stop. Goodbye, Harold. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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