17 Cute and Creative Elf on the Shelf Photos

We asked our Facebook fans for their best Elf on the Shelf photos, and they didn't disappoint! Get some inspiration for your Elf on the Shelf by browsing these creative, funny submissions.

The Elf Returns

"Our Elf-named Bazinga made his arrival by making cupcakes. He also left a message in the flour!" —Karry R.

Tree Shenanigans

"The elf toilet-papered the tree." —Jennifer W.

Grinch Arrest

"Our elf, Snowball, got tired of the Grinch's anti-Christmas antics!" —Shauna A.

Spider-Man Saves the Day

"Each kiddo has their own elf. One dressed up as Spider-Man and tied up the other 2 for being naughty ;)" —Amber H.

Under-the-Weather Elf

"Sick day." —Deme B.

From Elf to Miracle on 34th Street, these memorable quotes will have you yearning for a holiday movie marathon!

Artsy Elf

"Our elf, Scout, now goes by Vincent VanScout." —Caitlin M.


"Caught in Spidey's web!" —Heather S.

Potty Pranksters

"Freddy Frost and Judy Jingles wrapped the toilet. The kids thought it was hilarious!" —Michelle O.

Crazy Co-workers

"Office party!" —Heather S.

Courtesy of Vicki Luehmann
Courtesy of Vicki Luehmann

Laundry Day

"Elfie is doing his laundry, I wish he would do mine!" — Vicki L.


"Marvel characters were hosting a photo booth, complete with props. Our elf is such a ham...he couldn't resist." —Becca P.

Post-It Parade

"Our Elf got a bit crazy with the Post-its." —Rosalind H.

Quite the Competitor

"Here's my favorite from last year...Elf has a potato sack race with friends!" —Sara S.

Ahh the Salty Sea!

"Just fishing." —Wesley P.

Magic Seeds

Left: "They're tic tacs. The note says, 'Plant in sugar, sprinkle with snow. Wait for the magic and see what grows.'"Right: "See the magic candy canes that 'grew.'" —Nichole B.

Taylor's Biggest Fan

"Bernard had only been around a week last year and became a Swiftie. :)" —Rebecca D.

Clean-up Crew

"Sometimes, he'd 'clean up' after himself. Our elf was quite special." —Becca P.

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