Adorably Honest Letters to Santa

Yes, Virginia, these are real letters written by children to Santa Claus. This selection of "Dear Santas" comes from four little ones who knew exactly what they wanted for Christmas. From a real puppy (not another fake one, Saint Nick!) to food for the needy, these heartfelt letters to Santa will definitely make your holiday.


[MUSIC] Dear Santa, I don't care what you give me this year, but I will be happy. What is your favorite cookie, and what is your least favorite cookie? Do you have a beard all year? How much do you weigh? How many elves do you have? When you poop, is your poop the color of holiday candies? How many pairs of underwear do you have? Love, Olivia. [MUSIC] Dear Santa, all I want is a few things, but they might not be a few things to you. Is 39 things too much? Come to my house and you'll find my Christmas list. Love Madeline. PS, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Dear Santa, I want a real puppy this year, not like the fake one you got last Last year. Please don't forget. Even if Mommy and Eric say no. Thank you. Love you. Love Shayna. [MUSIC] Dear Santa, I believe in you. I believe your reindeer can fly. Santa, my presents I wanted are going to be given to me by my family. But I do have a favor for you to do. Go to all of the people that don't have food and give them food. Because I believe that is what Christmas is all about. Your friend, Opal. [MUSIC]

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