Real Kid Photos: Scared of Santa

Aimee Herring
To some kids, that jolly guy with rosy cheeks and the long beard is well, freaky! Check out some of the funniest scared-by-Santa Claus photos, submitted by moms (trust us: you'll want to send this one to a friend).
Facebook/Kelly Boeke Walters
Facebook/Kelly Boeke Walters

Chat Interrupted

A verry annoyed 2.5 year old over his 1 year olds brothers reaction well trying to have a chat with Santa — Kristy James MacDonald

Alison Jenkins/Facebook
Alison Jenkins/Facebook

Sleepy Santa

Santa must have been really tired from the season to have a screaming baby on his lap and still sleep. My four year old was not impressed... And yes, I PAID for this! Lol — Alison Jenkins

Facebook/Annmarie Azevedo
Facebook/Annmarie Azevedo

Escape Artist

Poor Santa. He doesn't quite know what to make of Haden. I've spent the last month prepping Haden for this year's photo and he says he is excited to see Santa, but we'll see! — Annmarie Azevedo

Facebook/Christin Stoll
Facebook/Christin Stoll

Why, Mom?

Daughters are 3 and 1 and a half. Both couldn't wait to see Santa and both decided this isn't what they thought it would be like. — Christin Stoll

Facebook/Donna Falconieri
Facebook/Donna Falconieri

Over It

My daughter is about 18 months here. She was so excited to meet Santa, until she actually saw him. I get such a kick out of the look on Santa's face...likes he's so done with the whole thing. — Donna Falconieri

Facebook/Kelly Boeke Walters
Facebook/Kelly Boeke Walters


This was last Christmas. My daughter just turned 2 and we thought this was the year that she would be excited to see Santa! Clearly we were wrong! My one month old son, on the other hand, enjoyed his first visit...or rather slept through the entire spectacle! Maybe we will have better luck this year?!?! Merry Christmas! — Kelly Boeke Walters

Facebook/Angel Anderson Morrison
Facebook/Angel Anderson Morrison

Come On, Bro

Our normally very happy Logan, at 1 1/2, was not very happy at all to sit with Santa. He still keeps a relatively safe distance.— Angel Anderson Morrison

Facebook/Jennifer Mushung
Facebook/Jennifer Mushung

No One Wins

It took an hour of hanging near Santa, talking to him, and just trying to get her close. I gave up and did the drop and run just so I could get a picture at all. Santa was preped, but no match for her brute strength and unwillingness to be near him at all. — Jennifer Mushung

Facebook/Michelle West
Facebook/Michelle West

Jingle All the Way

First official photo of the kids with Santa. Twins just turned 2 and my oldest was almost 4. We waited patiently until it was our turn. Kids loved seeing all of the other kids visiting with Santa and seeing the candy canes. When it was our turn everything changed. No one could get out of there fast enough. As we were leaving my daughter was smiling and waving to Santa. Go figure LOL — Michelle West

Not So Brave Little One

He's unfortunately not as brave as his brother and sister. -- Elizabeth; Greensboro, North Carolina

Facebook/Katie Ruiz
Facebook/Katie Ruiz

Take One for the Team

Poor girl was terrified. We tried bribing her with ice cream and other treats. Nothing worked but we were determined to get a Christmas picture. — Katie Ruiz

Facebook/Rachel Adams
Facebook/Rachel Adams

Cover Your Ears

I don't think Santa or the girls were prepared for the strength of little mans vocals! — Rachel Adams

Facebook/Tammi Richards
Facebook/Tammi Richards

Not Even for Papa

Our Santa was my Dad which for months he had been growing his beard and we talked about Papa being Santas helper. She saw her Papa several times in his Santa suit but the day he came to our house and she waved and said "papa santa" but as soon as she was set on his lap she was having none of it! My mom had to hold her (as Mrs Claus) and read a santa book before she calmed down enough for 2nd picture...she still was going to keeo an eye on him though! — Tammi Richards

Candy Cries

Santa, I've been a good girl so just hand over this candy cane and let me go because you scare me. -- Sarah; Rancho Cordova, California

Facebook/Stacey Ozegovich-McDuffie
Facebook/Stacey Ozegovich-McDuffie

We’ve Got a Runner

We just had these done this year and she was NOT buying into [it] AT ALL! — Stacey Ozegovich-McDuffie

The Wonderland Wait

I took my baby girl to meet Santa for the first time, the hour-long wait was wonderful and then she met this guy. -- Corey; Beaverton, Oregon

Facebook/Zahara Finder
Facebook/Zahara Finder

Chocolate Crisis

We went to the mall to get holiday pictures done since I had gotten a coupon. Noticed Santa was there, cool. It's almost Christmas Day, and it's my sons first Christmas, so of course I wanna get a picture. Line was a little long, but I was a new parent and had no idea what the hell I was getting myself into. It ends up taking about an hour to get to the front of the line. There were tears long before Santa. I was so unprepared for the standing in line for too long melt down. I had no snacks for him and had to break down and let him eat my chocolate stash to try to bribe him into happiness. He finished it too fast and was in full blown crisis mode by the time we get up there. I don't think Santa was too thrilled, but I will forever laugh at this picture as my son gets older. Definitely saving it for his future gf's. — Zahara Finder

These kids learn that they've made the naughty list! -- Lisa; Amelia, Virginia

Facebook/Dana Trotter Whitteaker
Facebook/Dana Trotter Whitteaker

Plotting Revenge?

My boy looks like he's got some evil plan going on inside that noggin of his. — Dana Trotter Whitteaker

Up, Up, and Away

Get me out of here! -- Kimberly; Venus, Texas

Facebook/Hayley Gore Henshaw
Facebook/Hayley Gore Henshaw

Santa Sasses Back

My son Jackson (6) and daughter Skylar (9 mos). Skylar did not want Santa to hold her. But he was a good sport. My son didn't know what to think about his sister's reaction. — Hayley Henshaw

The Dasher

Santa looked great... but poor Berkley didn't care what he looked like! -- Sarah; Portage, Wisconsin

Kissy Face

Eek! Watch the whiskers, Santa! -- Angela; Ocoee, Florida

Holiday Howler

A very unjolly Christmas for Laurel. -- Melissa D., Maple Valley, Washington

Losing It

Joseph is not happy about being on Santa's lap. -- Kristy M., Concord, North Carolina

The Candy Man

Santa tried to bribe Samuel with candy canes. It didn't work. -- Mellissa A., Fort Lewis, Washington

That's Not My Daddy!

As you can see, Maia Lula was not having it. -- Michaela C., Germantown, Maryland

Pig Tailed and Pouty

Alyssa is definitely not a fan. -- Michelle B., Ridley Park, Pennsylvania

Snowed by Santa

Even Malcolm's favorite book can't distract him from his fear of Santa. -- Melissa D., Maple Valley, Washington

Worth a Thousand Screams

Maybe this year's visit to Santa will be a little less miserable. --Nicolette D. Chantilly, Virginia

I Don't Think So

Samuel got spooked! -- Rebecca F., Rutherfordton, North Carolina

Big Red

Aubrey screamed until her face matched Santa's outfit. -- Melissa D., Maple Valley, Washington

Santa's Little Helper

William wanted to be Santa's little helper -- until he found out he'd have to sit in some strange-looking man's lap! -- Martina T., Edgartown, Massachusetts

Dad in Disguise

Poor thing -- Katelyn didn't know that Santa was her own daddy! -- Jamie V., Cutler Bay, Florida


Even Santa's helper couldn't help little Ben. -- Melanie R., Brooklyn, New York

Emily, Meet Santa

Emily's first meeting with Santa? Not the best first impression. -- Sara R., Oviedo, Florida

Rescue Me

Jack screams even as his dad reaches in to get him. -- Jennifer B., Chaska, Minnesota

Not Your Typical Christmas Card

Everything matches except for, well, Dana's and Santa's expressions. -- Melissa D., Maple Valley, Washington

Hands Off

Not quite sure Memphis Sky was ready for Ol' St. Nick this year! -- Tiffany R., Hollow Rock, Tennessee

Two Down, One to Go

We finally got Ian and Riley to like Santa -- just need to keep working on that little one, Trey! -- Julie M., Weyers Cave, Virginia

Twice the Tears

Addison and Aidan just love Santa (not). -- Ashlee G., North East, Maryland

Get Me Out of Here!

Even though his cousins were posing happily with the Big Guy, baby Terence was having a meltdown. -- Cathleen B., Northport, New York

Crying Cousins

Olivia (with her baby cousin) does not trust this Santa guy. -- Luke W., Gillette, Wyoming

Making a Break for It

Hard to believe, but Alexis, the older one, loves him. Madeline is definitely not a fan. -- Alyssa W., Arlington, New Jersey

Dressing the Part

Even her look-alike outfit couldn't help Kayla warm up to Santa. -- Shawn P., Sanatoga, Pennsylvania

Santa's Not Looking So Happy Either

Taylor's second visit to Santa -- still not okay with the big guy. -- Amanda C., Lubb, Texas

Scream Sisters

Ryleigh and Brenna were totally fine with Santa -- until they had to sit on his lap. --Deborah H. Lynn, Massachusetts

Double the Trouble

Last year my twins were excited to see Santa, this year not so much. -- Jason Kruk, Coplay, PA

Guess Who's Not Happy

Stella is petrified and Cole is ecstatic when meeting Santa! -- Laura Cheesman, University Heights, OH

Ho, Ho, No!

Despite trying to prepare Eden for her visit with Santa - she loves saying "ho! ho! ho!" - I knew the photo would probably look like this. Here's hoping next year's picture won't be quite so traumatic. -- Gina Keltner, Nashville, TN

Not Having It

We didn't want anything to do with Santa this year. -- Amber Pylypiak, Hamilton, NJ


This is not the reaction we were expecting when we took Aedan and Caitlyn to see Santa this year. What a difference a year makes! -- Michelle Swink, Norman, OK


Our daughter's first visit with Santa Claus at 14 months. -- Jennifer Sanders, Austin, TX

This Isn't What I Signed Up For

Nope, she didn't like that one bit. -- Marissa

All Frowns

Help! -- Melissa Nordahl, Fontana, CA

Lights, Camera, Help!

Liam's first encounter with Mr. Claus...did not go well. -- Sarah Kirby, Pocahontas, AR

This is a Nightmare

Completely terrified of Santa. -- Chris Kelley, Davenport, IA

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