Planning & Safety

Christmas means road trips, package wraps and ribbons, a fully trimmed tree, and more challenges for parents. Here's what you need to know for planning and safety this Christmas season.

5 Tips for Flying With Kids Over the Holidays

Heading to the airport with the kids this holiday? Avoid unnecessary turbulence with these smart strategies!

Mall Safety: 5 Strategies to Keep Kids Safe

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12 Tips for Holiday Home Safety

The holidays invite all sorts of fun activity, from lighting candles to hanging fresh greens and stringing lights. Here's how to keep your house and family safe from fire and injury.

5 Best Festive Destinations for the Holidays

Make one of these five festive destinations your home for the holidays!

Real Kid Photos: Scared of Santa

To some kids, that jolly guy with rosy cheeks and the long beard is well, freaky! Check out some of the funniest scared-by-Santa Claus photos, submitted by moms (trust us: you'll want to send this one to a friend).

6 Holiday Safety Hazards

Protect your family and your home from these holiday dangers.

10 Steps to a Less Stressful Holiday

Here's one tradition you can afford to lose: the stressed-out feeling that comes from trying to do too much in too little time. Here's how to lighten your holiday load and keep in mind what really counts.

6 Winter Holiday Traditions from Around the World

Take a cue from other cultures this holiday season to help your family learn and grow.

7 Ways to Keep Baby Happy During the Holidays

How to ease the stress of the holidays with baby in tow.

Handling Family Conflicts During the Holidays

Here's how to keep family squabbles from snowballing--and put the joy back in the holidays.

Elf on a Shelf Fire Hazard Is a Cause for Concern After One Home Nearly Burns Down

Warning: some Elves were seriously injured in the making of this Christmas.

Plan a Stress-Free Holiday: Fun Organizing Tips

We know you're making your list and checking it a bazillion times, so be sure to consult our cheat sheet of 36 creative ways to make your holidays more organized -- and more fun.

Tree Safety for Kids

7 ways to keep your trees fresh, and your children safe.

The Smart Parent's Holiday Survival Guide

These real-mom strategies for shopping, gift-giving, hosting, and time management will help you de-stress your holiday season.

Hack the Holidays: 7 Gift-Wrapping Strategies for Busy Parents

Cut (perfectly-creased) corners this holiday season with these clever gift-wrapping hacks from experts.

Nightmares Before Christmas: Avoiding Holiday Tantrums

If your child goes from nice to naughty the minute you hang the wreath, use our genius anti-tantrum tricks to keep the peace.

Avoid Holiday Burnout

Children love the holidays -- sometimes a little too much. How do you avoid overstimulation and celebration burnout?

5 Ways to Hack Your Holiday Spending

Don't break the bank this holiday season! Try these tips to get a handle on your gift-giving budget.

8 Shopping Games for Procrastinators

You know you're going to leave your holiday shopping for the last minute. May as well make it as low-stress as possible.

3 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Christmas Tree

Make it a safe holiday season for your dogs, cats, and other critters.

Teaching Good Manners for the Holidays

Family reunions. Fancy meals. The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to teach your child basic manners.

Holiday-Proofing Your Home

The holidays bring special childproofing challenges. We tell you how to protect your little one from the hazards that festive foods and decorations can present.

How to Tackle Holiday To-Dos as a Family

No need to take on all those holiday tasks solo! Here's how to get your crew involved for a smoother (and more fun!) holiday season.

Avoiding Christmas Stress: Tantrums

Will your toddler be naughty or nice at holiday festivities? Make everyone's spirit bright with our smart strategies.

3 Ways to Have a Happier Holiday -- Even When You're Handling Tough Stuff

The holidays aren't always the most wonderful time of the year, but these three tips can help you cope.

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

When you're making your house look festive and fun, follow these safety tips to ensure a happy holiday season.