Planning & Safety

Christmas means road trips, package wraps and ribbons, a fully trimmed tree, and more challenges for parents. Here's what you need to know for planning and safety this Christmas season.

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Gabrielle Union on Tackling Holiday Mayhem With Ease

The actress shares how to make the holidays special for a blended family, get through travel woes, and catch a break during the turn of the New Year.
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Hack the Holidays: 7 Gift-Wrapping Strategies for Busy Parents

Cut (perfectly-creased) corners this holiday season with these clever gift-wrapping hacks from experts.
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8 Shopping Games for Procrastinators

You know you're going to leave your holiday shopping for the last minute. May as well make it as low-stress as possible.
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How to Tackle Holiday To-Dos as a Family

No need to take on all those holiday tasks solo! Here's how to get your crew involved for a smoother (and more fun!) holiday season.
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Mall Safety: 5 Strategies to Keep Kids Safe

Ready to brave the holiday crowds? First learn how to keep your kids safe when you go shopping.
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Real Kid Photos: Scared of Santa

To some kids, that jolly guy with rosy cheeks and the long beard is well, freaky! Check out some of the funniest scared-by-Santa Claus photos, submitted by moms (trust us: you'll want to send this one to a friend).
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5 Tips for Flying With Kids Over the Holidays

Heading to the airport with the kids this holiday? Avoid unnecessary turbulence with these smart strategies!