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Yummy treats and festive sweets help make the holiday season extraspecial. Find recipes and fun food inspiration for holiday meals and treats kids will love making--and eating--this Christmas.

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How Soon Is Too Soon to Stock Up on Christmas Foods?
No need to wait for Black Friday to stock up on these Christmas-themed grocery store finds. From sugar cookie cereal to Elf cookies, these Christmas food products can be a "To: Me, From: Me" gift earlier than ever this year.
The Holiday Food and Wine Pairing Guide for Parents Trying to Make It Through
Megan the Wine Mom is here to help you take the edge off the holidays with some festive cocktails and wines pairings for parents just trying to make it through.
M&M's Released a Holiday Peanut Brrr-ittle Flavor That We Aren't Jolly About
The M&M's exclusively sold at Target are far from the perfect stocking stuffer.
Holiday Cookie Decorating: Mix n Match Gingerbread Family
We've got decorating ideas that will spark kids’ imaginations in sweet (and hilarious!) ways. You’ve never seen ginger-people like these!

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5 Steps To Creating Amazing Gingerbread People
There’s nothing like cookie-making to get your fam in the holiday spirit! We’ve got a supply list, setup tips, and of course, all the simple how-tos for turning those blank slates into bona fide personalities. Don’t forget to take pictures and share ’em with us on Instagram using #howwefun!  
Easy Christmas Treats to Make With Kids
Cooking together is one Pinterest-inspired holiday fantasy that’s actually doable, thanks to these completely kid-friendly Christmas cookies and treats.

Sparkly Waffle Cookies

Add some shimmer to your holiday cookie platter with these breakfast-inspired treats!