7 Christmas Tree Coloring Pages to Get Kids in the Holiday Spirit

Who doesn't love trimming the tree with ornaments, garland, and sparkly lights? Prepare kids for your own fun family Christmas tree traditions with these festive coloring pages.

Santa and Reindeer Christmas Tree Coloring Page
Photo: Eric Jeon
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Unwrapping on Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning Coloring Page with Tree

Nothing beats the excitement of Christmas morning! In this coloring page, two children unwrap their gifts underneath a sparkling tree.

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A Classic Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Coloring Page
Eric Jeon

A five-pointed star is the finishing touch on this Christmas tree decked out with ornaments, string lights, and garland.

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A Sweet Gingerbread Touch

Gingerbread and Christmas Tree Coloring Page
Eric Jeon

Is that a gingerbread man? Looks like he's ready to celebrate with his gumdrop buttons and fancy bowtie!

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A Trip to the Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farm Coloring Page
Eric Jeon

These three hopeful spruces are just waiting for families to bring them home for the holidays.

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A Happy Reindeer Helper

Santa and Reindeer Christmas Tree Coloring Page
Eric Jeon

Even Santa Claus decorates a Christmas tree in the North Pole each year—with the help of his trusty reindeer, of course.

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Presents Under the Tree

Christmas Tree and Presents Coloring Page
Eric Jeon

Let your kids come up with fun ideas of what's inside these wrapped presents under the tree.

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Frosty and His Favorite Tree

Snowman Christmas Tree Coloring Page
Eric Jeon

A happy snowman adds extra holiday cheer to this Christmas tree coloring page.

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