How-to Make Snowman Pops

Adorable snowman cookie treats that double as holiday presents for family and friends are the perfect, wallet-friendly way to satisfy everyone on your list.


-Hi! I'm Erica Clark, food editor for Parents Magazine. Today, I'm gonna show you to make these adorable snowman pops. You're gonna need the following items: orange-flavored fruit juice, chocolate and vanilla candy melts, a piece of floral foam, a handful of lollipop sticks, some chocolate sandwich cookies, some mini chocolate chips, and some large marshmallows. To start, use a pair of clean kitchen scissors to snip off a corner of an orange fruit chip then take your little piece and use your fingers to mold it into a carrot shape. Next, you're gonna melt your vanilla candy melts in the microwave according to package directions. Add your chocolate sandwich cookies and make sure to thoroughly coat both sides. Use your fingers to smooth out the candy coating on the chocolate sandwich cookie. Add the fruit [unk] carrot nose and use many chocolate chips to make eyes and a mouth. To make the snowman's hat, you're gonna twist open your chocolate sandwich cookies and then you're gonna dip large marshmallows in melted chocolate candy coating. Use a fork to help you remove the marshmallow from the chocolate coating while it's still all wet and goopy. Place it right on top of one of the chocolate sandwich cookie hats. To add the stick to the snowman pop, you're gonna take the tip of your lollipop stick and dip it in some melted white chocolate candy melt and then you gently push it and twist until it enters the bottom of the pop. The final step is adding the top hat to Frosty's head. First, take your set snowman pops and the top of his head in the melted white candy melt. Stick Frosty into a piece of floral foam so he stands upright and very gently place the hat on top. You're gonna have to hold it here a few minutes until the candy melt is set. And there you have it, adorable snowman pops that you can give as gifts.

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