How to Make Sandwich Cookie Snowglobes

Make these clever snack-worthy snowglobes in just a few simple steps.


Hi. I'm Erica Clark, food editor for Parents Magazine. I'm gonna show you how to make adorable edible snowglobes out of chocolate sandwich cookies. All you need is a white fudge covered Oreo, a Grasshopper Fudge Mint cookie, vanilla candy melts, and assorted cookie icy decorations such as sprinkles and edible glitter. You can also use food safe markers if you'd like to draw on your snowglobe. Spoon on some warm candy melts, sprinkler the sugar to form a snow bank and perch the penguin on top of it. Once you've finished decorating your Oreo, you can use candy melt to attach it to the mint cookie. The Oreo will be vertical and the cookie will be horizontal. So it looks like a real snowglobe. And here you have it, a snack-worthy snowglobe.

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