The network also plans to air reruns of your favorite holiday films throughout the summer. 

By Lauren Pardee
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For many of us, we're over what seems to be a never-ending winter. But for Hallmark, spreading Christmas cheer has no expiration date. According to Entertainment Weekly, Hallmark will be releasing a record-breaking 34 brand new Christmas movies for the upcoming season along with Lifetime who will up their count by six, with 14 new seasonal films. Talk about the gift of giving.

We all know the Hallmark Channel is in its own league when it comes to Christmas films during the holiday season. But this year the brand is doing things a little differently and giving us exactly what we didn't know we want: Christmas in July! If you're down for a dose of Christmas in the summer, you can catch up on all your favorite classics during the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Gold Crown Christmas campaign, which runs from June 29th to July 8th, and Hallmark Channel’s Keepsake Christmas set, which airs from July 6th to July 15th.

Tuning in to these summer screenings will hopefully hold us over until the new, upcoming titles air on October 27th during the “Countdown to Christmas” set. Out of those 34 movies, 12 will be left to debut November 4th during Hallmark’s “Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas” program on Hallmark’s sister network, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

With all the pressure to release a record-breaking amount of Christmas films for 2018, we can only hope that the corny, family-friendly movies uphold their quality. We don’t have much insight on the films just yet, but according to EW, Hallmark alums, Danica McKellar (from 2017’s Coming Home for Christmas) and Kellie Martin (from 2016’s Hailey Dean Mystery) are two of the big names set to star in the movies—one rumored to be “an emotional story of heroism and homecoming,” titled Vet.

We may have months to go before we can indulge in hours of winter movie bliss, but who doesn't like to plan in advance, right?



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