What 11 Moms Actually Want for the Holidays

Moms of babies and toddlers tell us what they really wish was waiting under the tree for them this year.

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It's the most wonderful time of year to attend approximately 100 holiday events, buy dozens of gifts for your own babies (and those of your friends and family), put up decorations and keep your pets from getting to them, try to not eat every cookie in sight (oh, and bake them, too!)... and that's just the start of your list that you definitely haven't checked twice.

While it's true that the holidays take on a whole new meaning when you're a mom and you can see the magical wonder of the season through your children's eyes, it's also a stressful time.

As a new mom, you're likely to be showered with many 'Baby's First' keepsakes and things like bath salts that are meant to help you zen out (as if you have time for a bath—ha!)—but what you really want for the holidays is quite different.

Here, moms of babies and toddlers tell us what they really wish they'd get for the holidays:

An Actual Weekend Away With the Hubby

"I would really love a weekend away with just my husband! It would be so nice to spend quality time alone with him and also sleep in!" –Melissa

A Bath

"Wouldn't it be so nice to have a long bubble bath alone without my toddler splashing water in my face?" –April

Magical Powers

"All I want for the holidays is to drink all of the alcohol without the hangover and still eat everything without the weight gain...with a babysitter who is sworn to eternal secrecy!" –Marie

Time to Wrap Presents

"I would like to do Christmas cards and wrap presents without risking her eating the paper. Again." –Nikki

A Way to Keep the Mess in One Place

"For Christmas, I'd like to have the ability to keep bodily functions happening only in the bathroom. Nothing is more disgusting than a potty-training 2-year-old handing you a big ol' turd." –Diamond

Netflix and Chill

"I would like to binge-watch 'Outlander' or 'Downton Abbey' all day without having to get out of bed and deal with the little people that otherwise dictate all of my time." –Fatima

A Meal to Myself

"All I really want is to have a meal without having to share it at all!" –Kerri

Peace and Quiet

"I just want to go 24 hours without hearing 'mom' 1,000 times." –Camille

A Really Great Night of Sleep

"I'd really like a hotel room alone and an ambien." –Tamera

My Body to Myself

"My boobs back...and fingers out of my belly button! (My daughter has this thing when she's [nursing], she will either rub my other boob or stick her finger in my belly button...!?!?)." –Mary

To Get Rid of the Word 'Why'

"Can I please just not be asked 'why?' for one day?!" –Daria

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