11 Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021 They'll Appreciate Most

This holiday season, thanking educators for their service is more important than ever. From school supplies to wellness products, these gift ideas for teachers are perfect for combatting the challenges of the pandemic and returning to in-person learning.

OLIKA Mint Citrus Hydrating Clip on pattern background
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Many teachers and students returned to the classroom this fall for the first time in nearly two years. Teachers worked hard to keep our children learning even from home on Zoom during the pandemic and are now doing their part to make classrooms safe and ease everyone back into the schools. Needless to say, this year we should be showing our appreciation for teachers every chance we get.

This holiday season, gift the people working fearlessly and tirelessly to educate our children with a present that shows you care about their health and wellness. Not only will it make them smile, but it'll also show that you understand the strain they have been under and that you appreciate all that they do in classrooms, online, in-person, and every day.

To lend a hand with your holiday shopping, we rounded up a few of our favorite Christmas gift ideas for teachers in 2021. Whatever gift you decide to give your child's educator remember the importance of a heartfelt note. This year has challenged us all like never before expressing gratitude for the ties that bind us together and help to create a caring society is the best gift money can buy.

School Supplies

Whether teaching from their own home or back in the classroom teachers always need and appreciate gifts of school supplies.

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Post-it Notes Classroom Value Pack

Post-it Super Sticky Notes Value Pack

Kit them out with colorful Post-it Note products including the Post-it Notes Classroom Value Pack featuring five bright colors on 35 pads which come in a cute school bus carry case.

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Handy Weekly Planner

Post-it Weekly Planner

To keep the teacher in your life organized pick out a Post-it Weekly Planner with spaces for different subjects. Used together with the 2 in. x 2 in notes, they can move items around easily while planning lessons.

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Weekly Planner

From organizing lesson plans to navigating new in-person learning environments, educators have plenty to deal with on a daily basis. They require optimal performance out of the electronics deemed critical for learning. Better gifts deserve better batteries—and your favorite educator deserves Duracell.

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Marie Mae stationery

Marie Mae
Marie Mae

For something special have your teachers initials monogrammed onto Marie Mae stationery products including their at-home productivity and wellness kits which feature a weekly planner, notepads, sticky notes, and an inspirational print to display on their desk.

Health and Safety

This year teacher's gifts will feature some health and safety items that wouldn't normally make it on the list at all. We care about our teachers, and we want them to be safe, so a gift of hand sanitizers or masks is smart, practical, and shows you care.

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OLIKA Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Clip-On

OLIKA Mint Citrus Hydrating Clip On 20ml - $14.99 per 3 pack

Try the OLIKA Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Clip-On which your teacher can keep on their backpack or on their desk and which comes in a cute rounded raindrop shape design in six fun colors.

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Fashionable Face Masks by hand2mind

hand2mind face masks

For masks try hand2mind which makes both reusable and disposable masks for kids and adults. Their reusable kid's masks come in cute designs including a dinosaur, tiger, or shark.

Wellness Gifts

Help your child's teacher to regain their equilibrium and find inner peace with one of these wellness gifts.

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Heating Mat from HealthyLine

heating mat from HealthyLine

To further offer relief from the stress of teaching this year, gift your child's teacher with a versatile heating mat from HealthyLine. Their mats combine far-infrared heat therapy, photon light therapy, negative ions, and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy to relieve tension and ease sore muscles.

Made with crushed natural gemstones the TAO 1818 mat is perfect for targeting specific pain points like the feet or lower back.

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Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing bowl from Shanti Bowl
Shanti Bowl

Try a beautiful Tibetan singing bowl from Shanti Bowl. These handcrafted bowls are made by artisans in Tibet and offer a healing sound therapy experience. Teachers could also use them as a classroom aid for quiet time or as a musical instrument.

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The Komusō Shift

The Komusō Shift

To help your teacher find a moment of clarity gift them with a clever tool that helps them to develop a slower breathing technique. The Komusō Shift helps people to relax and ease anxiety by tapping into a very slow exhale which has a calming response in the nervous system. It's also as pretty as a piece of jewelry!

Skincare and Cosmetics

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Alleyoop Makeup Products

Alleyoop Makeup Products

After months of being stuck inside and not interacting much with other people, we could all do with paying a bit more attention to our skincare and personal care routine. Alleyoop makes truly clever makeup products that cut down on space in your makeup bag and do double duty like their multitasker 4-in-1 makeup brush. They also sell gift sets and a gratitude journal to focus on the good things in life.

Just for Fun

It goes without saying this year has been full of stress and worry. Why not gather up a small group of parents and get your favorite teacher a fun gift that will make them smile and help them get around town?

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Electric Razor Scooter

EcoSmart Metro HD Razor Scooter

Razor has been making scooters that kids love for the last 20 years. Market leaders in kick scooters, electrics, ride-ons, and more they have a scooter for every age kid. But this season why not get an adult scooter and treat their teacher to a sweet ride, like the EcoSmart Metro HD Electric Scooter option, it even has a cute basket for all their school supplies!

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