Great Gifts for New Moms & Moms-to-Be

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These goods are sure to make your new mommy life a little easier.
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Baby Book 2.0

When those blissful first days with your new babe give way to a three-day no-shower streak, this book will help you keep it all in perspective (trust us, it gets so much easier) with a little humor.
Not your mother's memory book, this memento is just like the activity books you grew up with. It includes connect-the-dots drawings, Mad Libs, and quizzes that help you record all those weird, awesome, and "so surreal you have to laugh" new-parent moments. Fill in the nickname maker-upper and curse-word crossword puzzle to pass the time during feedings—and when you're done you'll have a fun reminder of those first few bumbling months.

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Good Memory

Take lots of photos? Check. Diligently load them all onto the computer after each and every camera use? Um, occasionally. This wireless 2GB memory card will take care of the uploading for you—seriously, no cables. You just have to turn on your camera, and your photos will automatically transfer to your computer as soon as you walk in the door.

Bryan McCay
Bryan McCay

Stamp It Out

Choose from 66 designs and pretty fonts to make a totally one-of-a-kind stamp. Personalize one of these self-inking stamps with your new baby's name, initials, and/or birth date, and use it to make customized—and inexpensive—baby announcements, thank-yous, and cards using plain stationery. Another great idea: Get one made with your address (it looks so much cooler when it's printed in a circle!) and get 10 seconds of your life back every time you address an envelope.

What a Card

You finally meet a fellow new mom who likes to talk about something other than the differences between Huggies and Pampers—yes! You could totally be BFF if only you could find a pen and paper in that black hole of a diaper bag to write down your digits. Here's an easy, chic solution: mommy calling cards. These whimsical cards say "I'm totally cool and together even though I'm wearing my husband's old T-shirt."

Give Me Some Sugar

All that growing makes your belly itch—especially in the winter months. Slather on this decadent and heavenly-smelling body scrub in the shower, to emerge buffed and silky soft even if you skip moisturizer (no need to hit those hard-to-reach places twice).

Framing the Shot

Trust us, once you have this, you won't be able to take your eyes off it. This sleek digital photo keychain displays up to 60 photos—the built-in rechargeable battery will give you up to three hours of mesmerizing viewing time. Fill it with sonogram and bump photos pre-baby, and then with snaps of junior once he makes his grand arrival.

Take Charge

Right after delivering in the car, not being able to reach the hubby once you go into labor is a pregnant woman's worst fear. Scratch the access worry off your list with a cordless charger, which will keep your cell phone (and iPod, digi cam, and PDA) juiced up even when you can't plug in (as for delivering in the car, you're on your own...).

Courtesy of Theme Fragrance
Courtesy of Theme Fragrance

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