How to Make Easy Christmas Ornaments

Learn how to dress up clear Christmas balls in three different easy and clever ways¿with materials you probably already have!


Hi. I'm Amanda Kingloff from Parents Magazine. Today, I'm gonna show you how to dress up very simple clear glass ornaments for your Christmas tree. To make this super cool paint of ornaments, just carefully remove the hanging hardware first. Squeeze drops of paint inside the ornament and move it around to help the paint run all over in your desired direction. Repeat to add as many colors as you'd like. When you've achieved the look, place the ornament upside down in a paper cup so any excess paint will just drip right out. Replace the top of the ornament and use to hang on your Christmas tree. To make these really easy stuffed ornaments, start with your clear plastic ornaments. Gather materials like feathers, pom-poms and crinkle paper from your craft closet. And just have the kids simply stuff them inside to create 3D decorations. To make these really cool glittered polka dot ornaments, stick adhesive bag foam dots to the outside of the ornament, and just dip them into different colors of glitter. I hope this simple and fun crafts have inspired you and your kids to make new Christmas ornaments for your tree.

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