Fun Felt Projects: Candy Castle Craft

The beauty of this castle (aside from its looks!) is that it's meant to be played with. The boxes and towers (made from recycled containers and store-bought papier-mache pieces) can be endlessly stacked and redecorated with the movable candy pieces.

You will need:

Tacky glue

Cardboard boxes and tubes (such as potato chip canisters or sections of a mailing tube)

White felt (enough to cover your boxes, tubes, and cones)

Papier-mâché pieces, such as cones and round boxes (available at craft stores; we used 7 1/4-inch-tall cones)

Assorted colored felt pieces

White glittery felt

Glitter glue

Adhesive-backed gems

1. In a small bowl, mix 2 tablespoons water with 1/4 cup tacky glue and set the mixture aside.

2. For each box and tube, cut pieces of white felt to cover the sides and top. Tip: For smoother edges, cut one piece that is long enough to go around all four sides of a box. For each 7 1/4-inch papier-mâché cone, download our template (below) and use it to cut the shape from white felt. Brush the box, tube, or cone with the glue mixture and smooth the felt over the surface.

3. Download our templates for the decorative pieces, cut the pieces from the colored felt, and cut the icicles from the white glittery felt. Glue the castle components together and the flags onto each cone. Add glitter glue and gem embellishments.

Originally published in the December/January issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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