Fun Felt Projects: Winter Forest Scene

This Christmas, decorate your home with this adorable winter wonderland scene, made from simple materials like felt and buttons.

Forest Scene
Photo: Alexandra Grablewski

Felt and glue transform plastic containers and corks into a winter wonderland, with cozy cottages and woodland animals that double as finger puppets. Set tea lights inside the larger cottage to cast a pretty snowflake shadow on the roof.

Forest Scene
Alexandra Grablewski

Make the Houses

For two houses you will need:

2 (9- by 12-inch) pieces of white glittery felt

Clear plastic deli container and clear plastic cup (we used a 16-ounce container and a 5-ounce cup)

Tacky glue

Small piece of blue felt

8 1/2- by 11-inch sheet of white paper

9- by 12-inch piece of brown felt

Cotton ball

2 battery-powered tea lights

1. Cut pieces of the white felt to wrap around the container and cup with some overlap. For the large house, cut out a door and window. Wrap the felt around each container and glue the edges together. Tip: Hold the felt in place with a rubber band while it dries. For the small house, cut a door from the blue felt and glue it in place.

2. For the roofs, download our templates (below). Cut the large roof from white felt and glue the overlapped edges together. To make the snowflake shadow (which will appear on the roof when the cottage is lit), cut an 8 3/4-inch-wide circle from the paper, then cut it into a snowflake. Unfold the paper and cut it in half. Fold one half into a cone to fit the roof and glue it inside. Cut a heart from the white felt and glue it to the roof. Cut the small roof from the brown felt and glue the overlapped edges together. Glue a piece of the cotton ball on the rooftop for smoke.

3. To light the large house, place one tea light inside the container and the other on top, then set the roof in place.

Forest Scene
Alexandra Grablewski

Forest Critters

You will need:

Small pieces of white, light gray, dark gray, orange, and light brown felt

4 wine corks

Tacky glue

8 small buttons

1 small black pom-pom

1 small white pom-pom

Embroidery floss or crochet thread

Forest Scene
Alexandra Grablewski

1. Download our templates (below) and use them to cut the pieces from their corresponding color felt.2. For each animal, wrap the felt body around a cork and glue the overlapped edges together, taking care not to glue the felt to the cork. This allows the corks to be removed so that the animals can be used as finger puppets.3. To make the owl and raccoon's heads, pinch the felt together at the top of the cork with a drop of glue between the layers and clamp with a clothespin until dry.4. For all the animals, glue on any remaining pieces of felt, buttons, pom-poms, or whiskers, as shown, and let the glue dry.

Originally published in the December/January issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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