Circle Tree Christmas Craft: How-To Video

Keep the kids busy while the adults mingle with this super-fun Christmas tree craft.


-Hi, my name is Eva, and we're going to be making circle Christmas tree. In order to make this tree, we will need these supplies: color card stock, glue, hole punch, clothespin, star punch, and scissors. This circle Christmas tree is a great, great Christmas project. So, you can find ways to recycle old paper and turn it into a beautiful Christmas decoration. We're going to start first with our green papers in order to make our circles. Now, I'm using a dark shade of green and a lighter shade of green just so we can see a little difference with the pattern. You can cut large circles, medium size circles, and small circles. So, I'm just going to fold my paper to cut down some time. You can fold once or twice and I'm gonna cut out about 2 different sizes here of my light green. Now, you can use a circle whole punch, but if the kids need any help, you can also trace maybe some coins on the paper and have them cut this, cutting around the lines or you can just eyeball it, which I like to do all the time because I think it adds to the little design and makes it unique. So kids are practicing their circles. This is a fun one for them. Now, we don't want the circles too big because we're only using clothespin to hold it up. So, we wanna keep the circles somewhat smaller. I'm just setting my circles aside and now I'm gonna cut a few out of my darker green. Now, to get this tree started, we're going to start with the base of the tree and work our way up with our smaller pieces. So, find your biggest circles and you can kind of lay the idea out first before you go up and where you'd like everything and just remember, you can even talk about triangles with your kids and see if they can make a little triangle with it. So, I'm gonna start using my Tacky glue to glue these pieces together and I'm just working from the top layer down just a little bit of glue that's all you need, dot, dotting, you don't need a lot and don't worry about your glue if it comes out. It will dry clear or so. It's okay. Now, we're going to work on our little ornaments and all you have to do is dock up your favorite colors. I like some red to follow the Christmas theme, but have your kids pick out different colors that they like for their ornaments, and I'm going to use just a basic hole puncher, circle punch here, and I'm just going snap some colors or so. It's gonna empty it out here and they are my little ornaments. Okay, now, we're gonna bring our Christmas tree back and not it's all dry, and were gonna add our little ornaments all around. Now, you can just leave that to dry and then we're gonna put topper on the tree, and you can make other shapes, but I'm gonna go with just your beautiful star on top, just makes me think of a Christmas tree and you're gonna rest it down. You can also cut out a star, but I find them a little tricky. So, I'm just gonna use my little hole punch there and we're gonna glue that right to the top of our tree. Now, in order to display your beautiful circle Christmas tree, we need to clothespin and all you're going to do is snap it on the bottom and there it is, a beautiful circle Christmas tree.

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