5 DIY Holiday Decorations For Your Kids' Bedrooms

Amp up the holiday cheer with temporary touches to transform the kids' rooms into veritable winter wonderlands.

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Joy Light

Festive Room Joy Light
Jason Donnelly

What You'll Need: 8-inch letters (use our alphabet template), 16x20-inch basswood canvas, hammer, gold finishing nails, 3-Pack LED Copper Wire Light, duct tape

What To Do:

1. Print and cut out letters from our template; lightly tape onto canvas.

2. Hammer nails along the outline of each letter. Discard paper.

3. Wrap nails with 3 strands of the lights. Tape the battery packs to the back along the bottom edge without covering the power switches. Hang!

  • Download our template here!
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Hat Pillow

Festive Room Hat Pillow
Jason Donnelly

What You'll Need: 8x10-inch felt sheets in white and blue, hot glue, pillow, red pom-pom

What To Do:

1. Cut out a hat shape from the white felt; glue on slender strips of blue felt, trimming to fit. Glue to front of a 16x16-inch pillow.

2. Glue on a red yarn pom-pom for the top of the hat.

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Snowflake Lampshade

Festive Room Snowflake Lampshade
Jason Donnelly

What You'll Need: Clean rag or sponge, white or cream lampshade, watercolor brush with rounded tip, Martha Stewart Crafts Watercolor Acrylic Paint in light and dark blue, snowflake stencils

What To Do:

1. Use a clean rag to slightly dampen the area of lampshade you plan to stencil.

2. Dip paintbrush into the darker paint and blot on the rag. Working along the bottom of the shade, hold the snowflake stencil in place. Paint. Sprinkle a few drops of water over paint if it looks too concentrated. Add more snowflakes, thinning the paint for a more translucent look and using different stencil sizes in the lighter color. Remove the stencils, clean, and then make more.

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Tree Curtains

Festive Room Tree Curtains
Jason Donnelly

What You'll Need: Cricut Vinyl in two greens, solid-colored curtain

What To Do:

1. Cut 2 to 3 different sizes of skinny triangles out of the Cricut paper. (Ours were 4 to 5 inches tall.) Place them on the curtains randomly, overlapping slightly in places. (They stick on and peel right off!)

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Countdown Calendar

Festive Room Countdown Calendar
Jason Donnelly

What You'll Need: Skein of yarn, twine, 25 4x3-inch drawstring fabric bags, oil-based white Sharpie, medium-point black Sharpie, mini red binder clips, mini clear hooks by Command Strip

What To Do:

1. Make various pom-poms, tying the centers with twine. Leave the ends of the twine long.

2. Draw the numbers 1 to 25 on bags.

3. Tie pom-poms onto a length of twine and trim ends. Fill bags, then attach them with mini clips and hang on the wall with hooks. Start the countdown!

  • Download ideas to fill each bag here!
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