Turn those treats into dandy candy creations.

By Lauren Guerriero
October 05, 2005

Rainbow Bright

Gumdrops never looked this gorgeous!

What you need: One bag of gumdrops, toothpicks broken in half.

To make: Insert one end of a broken toothpick into a gumdrop and the other end into the wreath. Repeat, row by row, until wreath is covered.

Holly Jolly

Gummy berries and fruit slices add a pop of color to a pretty Life Savers wreath.

Candy Shoppe

Old-fashioned penny candy makes a sweet statement.

Just dotty

Go mod with watermelon and sour-apple gummy rings.

Wrap star

Guests can snip off the candies on this colorful wreath.

What you need: Scissors, white embroidery floss, hard candy (in the wrapper), tape.

To make: Cut several lengths of embroidery floss. Tie center of floss around one end of candy wrapper, leaving two loose ends. Holding wreath between your knees, tie wrapped candy onto wreath, knotting floss in back. Repeat. To make the wreath fuller, use tape to add a few extra candy pieces.

Mint Condition

For a more traditional flavor, combine peppermint and spearmint starlights.

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