How to Make Polar Bear Ornaments

Add some wildlife fun to your holiday tree with these fuzzy polar bear baubles. Bonus: they're made with easy-to-find supplies you may already have on hand.


How to make Polar Bear Ornaments. For this craft, you'll need: Styrofoam ball, white yarn, white felt, off-white felt, pencil, glue, ribbon, greening pin, black beads, small black pom-pom, and scissors. Wrap Styrofoam ball in yarn. Tie knot in yarn and cut. Trace an ear shape onto felt twice. Cut ears out. Repeat with a smaller shape on off-white felt. Glue off-white pieces to white pieces. Glue ears to yarn-wrapped ball. Glue on black pom-pom for nose. Glue on black beads for eyes. Push greening pin into top of the ball and thread the ribbon through pin. For more holiday craft ideas, visit

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