How to Make Clothespin Skier Ornaments

Wooden clothespins and ice-pop sticks transform into stylish ski bunnies. Add these cross-country cuties to your Christmas tree!


How to make Clothespin Skier Ornaments. For this craft, you'll need: wooden clothespin, paint, paintbrush, ice-pop sticks, painters tape, black and red pens, washi tape, and glue. Tape off clothespin just above split. Tape off clothespins just above the split. Paint the bottom of the clothespin and ice-pop sticks and let dry. Remove tape. Paint on skier's shirt. Draw a face onto the skier. Glue the clothespin to ice-pop sticks and let dry. Decorate skier with the washi tape. For the pom-pom hat you'll need: white pom-pom, thread, needle, hot glue, and scissors. Pull thread through eye of needle and double up. Push needle through center of pom-pom. Tie knot on needle end and push pom-pom down thread. Hot-glue pom-pom onto skier's head. For more holiday craft ideas, visit

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