How to Make Candy Bar Critters

This video shows you how to make candy bar critters.


[MUSIC] How to make candy bar critters. You'll need: Templates (, small candy canes and sticks, candy bars, colored paper, black marker, jingle bell, red pom-poms, tape, hole puncher, scissors, ribbon, twine. Unwrap outside of candy. Use wrapper as a template to cut out the cover. Tape cover on candy. Repeat process with the next candy bar. Repeat with last candy bar. Print out templates from Trace cutouts on colored paper. Cut them out. Tape ears and nose cutouts to white candy bar. Use marker to draw mouth and eyes. Tape two small candy cane sticks to back of candy. For a scarf, tie a ribbon into a bow. Tape tail to the back of the orange candy bar. Tape stomach, nose and whiskers to front. Use marker to add eyes. Use marker to add eyes to brown candy. Tape excess wrapper on small candy canes. Tape small candy canes to top back of candy. For the nose, glue on a small, red pom-pom. Cut a few inches of twine. Tie around candy. Make knots at each end. Cut excess twine. 

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