This cute, no-sew project will be a welcome sight on Christmas morning.


Fuzzy felt, googly eyes, pom-poms, and candy canes are all you need to make a host of sweet squeaky mice. They'll be happy to welcome Santa during the holiday season!

Minty mouse craft

Here's what you need:


green and white felt


small googly eyes

red pom-poms

candy canes

Here's what to do:

  • To start, download the template (below) and cut out the template's shapes.
  • Tape the shapes onto the felt so they stay in place. Trace the shapes onto the felt—the body shape on green felt, the ear shape on the white felt—then cut them out with scissors. With the template and felt still attached, fold the "body" portion of the template in half crosswise. Cut two slits in the felt as indicated on the body template, being careful not to cut all the way to the edges of the felt. Detach template from felt.
  • Slide the white felt ears (without the template still attached) through the slits in the felt body piece that you've just cut. Use glue to attache two googly eyes near the pointed end of the body and add a cute pom-pom nose to the very tip of the point. Let dry.
  • Flip your almost-complete mouse over. Give him or her a tail by slipping a candy cane underneath the slip of felt that's exposed between the body and the ears. Make sure the hooked end of the candy cane is exposed behind the mouse's body, becoming the tail. This sweet critter will be a welcome sight for any holiday guest!