How to Make a Gumball Snowman Ornament

Kids will love hanging these cute gumball ornaments on the Christmas tree.


[MUSIC] How to make a gumball snowman ornament. You'll need: clear fillable ornament, white sprinkles, ribbon, 2 large and 1 regular white gumballs, scissors, black marker, hot glue sticks, hot glue gun, black spice drop, 4" piece of baker's twine (yarn or ribbon), black card stock, 1 orange sprinkle. Hot glue gumballs together. Squeeze a tiny dot of hat-glue on an orange sprinkle. Add as the nose. To make a hat, cut off and discard bottom third of gumdrop. Cut out circle. Hot glue gumdrop in the center of the black circle. Hot glue the hat to head. Use marker to draw eyes, buttons, and mouth. For a scarf, tie twine around the snowman's neck. Add a dot of hot-glue inside ornament. Place snowman inside, on glue. Pour in white sprinkles. Add a few tiny dots of hot glue to rim. Attach top half of ornament. Thread ribbon through hole. 

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