20+ Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make

Who doesn't love homemade Christmas ornaments? These festive ideas will keep your little elves busy for hours. And did we mention they make great DIY Christmas gifts?

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Good Yarn

Variegated yarn that changes color in a single strand (often called print yarn) is the key to cozy multicolor ornaments. Cut 3-in. stars or 2-in. squares from cardboard, then stick Glue Dots to star points or square corners. Using the yarn, begin wrapping the cardboard shapes, crossing Glue Dots when turning corners. Wrap until shapes are fully covered, and knot end when finished. For presents, tie yarn bows around the squares. Make hangers by tying on pieces of string or yarn.

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Oh, Christmas Tree

Trace a cookie cutter onto felt, then punch multiple holes. Glue plastic beads over holes and hang in a window – or on your tree.

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Sweet Sticker Ornament

Even little kids can take homemade Christmas ornaments from drab to fab by adding fun and festive stickers. Just take standard ball ornaments and help them (gently!) press on holiday-themed stickers. Voila! A DIY ornament that's totally tree-ready.

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Eco-Friendly Frosty

Make this green snowman from bottle tops, jar lids, felt, and cotton batting from an old pillow. What makes it even more eco-friendly? You'll reuse it year after year!

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Dashing Through the Snow

Plastic ball ornaments make the perfect rotund shape for this precious Santa. Craft his trusty sleigh from a large matchbox, felt, and rickrack.

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Gift Wrap

Use Legos and pretty ribbons to create the adorable DIY present ornaments. And don't fret: Your kids can untie the bow to get their toys back once the tree is ready to come down!

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Chime In

An angel earns its wings every time you jingle this easy-to-make homemade Christmas ornament.

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Frosty in a Frame

Grab a small box from your gift-wrap stash to make this mini diorama. Paint and decorate the inside of the box, then fill with festive scenery. Use green paper to make the trees, white stuffing for the snow, and poms-poms for the snowman.

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Twinkle, Twinkle

Thread straws and beads onto chenille stems to make colorful stars. (Since all of these crafts involve small pieces, make them with kids age 4 and up.)

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In Stock

Cut two felt stockings from our template. Cut slits and stitch together with ribbon. Cute + easy = DIY ornament win!

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We Are Family

Roll out air-dry clay and press with gingerbread cookie cutters. Decorate with puffy paints, sequins, and rhinestones.

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What a Flake!

Stick six toothpicks into a large gumdrop and stack smaller gumdrops to make an ornament that's sweet enough to eat.

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Mint Condition

Wrap red and white yarn around thin dowel to make festive starbursts. Hang them one by one or string together for garland.

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Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornament

Give your tree a natural feel by making these simple snowflakes. Glue together Popsicle sticks or clothespins in an asterisk, then add a wood craft round and ball to the center. Hang using baker's twine.

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Elf Buddies

Hang Santa's helpers from the branches of your tree, or sit 'em on your shelf! The elves have felt-covered wine cork bodies, wooden bead heads, craft wire arms and legs, and bead hands and feet.

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Felt Stitched Snowman

Have your child draw and cut out a snowman and his accessories from felt, then use a large sewing needle and yarn to stitch around the outline. Complete his look with a fringed felt scarf and draw on facial features with black marker.

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Bedazzled Ball Ornament

It's easy to create a homemade Christmas ornament and add a little sparkle to your tree. First, apply two coats of paint to the ornament. Next, position colorful gems in vertical rows or the pattern of your choice while it's still wet. Let dry, then cover the top of the ornament with a piece of 1/2" ribbon.

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A Treat for Your Tree

Old-fashioned hard candy can double as decadent décor. Tie striped ribbon into bow at the end of the handle, then hang upside down using wire as a hook.

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Wrapping Paper Ornaments

Turn this year's gift wrap scraps into pretty paper ornaments for next year's tree. Trace a can onto a piece of wrapping paper, cut it out and embellish with recycled ribbon.

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Candy Cane Ornament

This cool candy cane ornament is quick and easy to make. Cut 1/8"-wide red and white paper quilling strips to 6" long. Shape quills into spirals by wrapping the paper around a toothpick, then glue the spirals together edge to edge, alternating the red and white. Knot a length of ribbon, trim, and glue it on the candy cane as an accent. Attach the hanging thread.

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Home Sweet Homes

There's no baking required to make these cute "gingerbread" houses, which are really cardboard cut-outs decorated with paint pens, yarn, and pom-poms.

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How to Make Clothespin Skier Ornaments

Who wouldn't love these colorful skiiers? Watch the video to see how to paint clothespins and ice-pop sticks to make these snowbound figures.

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