21 Funniest Christmas Jokes, According to Kids

Who delivers presents to baby sharks? Santa Jaws, of course! Get the whole family giggling with these Christmas jokes for kids.

From Christmas cookies and baking to caroling, crafting, and the gifts under the tree, there is a lot to look forward to during the holiday season. It is a fun and festive time, full of jolly delights. But it's also easy to get overwhelmed. Between the shopping and wrapping, many of us forget the true spirit of the season. So what should you do if your feeling suffocated, drowning in a sea of stocking stuffers and bows? Well, you can let our cohort of kid joke experts remind you what Christmas is all about.

We polled little elves of all ages to see their reactions and hear their funniest, silliest Christmas jokes. Keep their favorites in your back pocket so you can add some cheer no matter where you are this holiday season. You can even write out a few to slip inside everyone's Christmas stocking!

Girl laughing in front of a Christmas tree.

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  1. What music do Santa’s elves like the best? “Wrap music!” Maisie, age 8
  2. Why is one of Santa’s reindeer’s in trouble? “Because he was RUDE-olph!” Savannah, age 9
  3. Why was Santa’s helper so sad? “Because he had low elf esteem!” Thomas, age 9
  4. Why does Santa go down the chimney? “Because it soots him!” Lewis, age 8
  5. What did Mrs. Claus say when she looked up into the sky? “Looks like rain, dear” Zayed age 11
  6. Did you know Santa Claus is good at karate? It’s true, he has a black belt!” Lakeisha age 9
  7. How much did Santa pay for his sleigh? “Oh, nothing, it was on the house!” Becky, age 8
  8. Why are Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen always wet? “Because they are rain deer!” Suzie age 5
  9. Who delivers presents to baby sharks? “Santa Jaws!” Sammie, age 7
  10. Why was the snowman shopping for carrots? “He wanted a new nose!” Ben, age 4
  11. What’s the best Christmas present in the world? “A broken drum, you just can’t beat it!” Zayed, age 11
  12. What does Miley Cyrus eat for Christmas dinner? “Twerky!” Marie, age 13
  13. What do snowmen eat for breakfast? “Snowflakes!” Deena, age 5
  14. Who delivers presents to pets? “Santa paws!” Claire, age 7
  15. What do monkeys sing at Christmas? “Jungle bells!” Tanya, age 9
  16. What do vampires sing on New Year’s Eve? “Auld Fang Syne!” Simon, age 11
  17. What do you get if you cross a bell with a skunk? “Jingle Smells!” Hudson, age 6.5
  18. What is the most competitive season? “Win-ter!” Victoria, age 12
  19. What did the Christmas tree say to the ornament? “Quit hanging around!” Charlie, age 7
  20. Why wouldn’t the cat climb the Christmas tree? “It was afraid of the bark!” Asham, age 7
  21. What do you call an elf wearing ear muffs? “Anything you like, he can’t hear you!” Becky, age 8
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