Christmas Wreath Ornament

Wreath Ornament

What you'll need

Wreath Ornament Avery Powell

Patterned paper
3" and 1 1/2" scalloped paper punch
Thin ribbon
Craft glue
Adhesive-backed gems

    Make it:

    1. Use the 3" paper punch to make a circle into patterned paper; use the 1 1/2" size punch to make a circle in the center of the punched circle to create a wreath shape.
    2. Cut two parallel slits into the small punched-out circle and thread a doubled length of ribbon through. Knot at one end and secure the other end to the wreath shape with glue. Glue a loop of ribbon to the other side of the wreath shape.
    3. Stick gems to the inside edge of the wreath and in the center of the smaller, hanging circle.

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