Christmas Medallion Ornament

Avery Powell

Christmas Medallion Ornament

What you'll need

Scrapbook paper
Large and small scalloped craft punches (optional)
Red tissue paper
Coffee filters
Craft glue
Adhesive-backed rhinestone
Hole punch

Make it:

  1. Use a large craft punch or scissors to make a 4" circle out of paper. Twist a coffee filter at the center to make a fanned circle, trim as needed, and glue the filter onto the paper circle.
  2. Roll a 6"-wide piece of tissue paper and twist it around itself, then glue it in place on top of the coffee filter.
  3. Use a small craft punch or scissors to cut a 1 1/2" circle out of paper, place a gem in the center , and glue on top of tissue paper rosette.
  4. Punch a hole in the top of the ornament (through the large paper circle), thread with ribbon, and hang.

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