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The Best Kid-Friendly Theme Park Halloween Celebrations in the U.S.
Theme parks are known for delivering thrills, and that's even more true this time of year. Here are the nine best Halloween theme park celebrations in America, including Disneyland, Sesame Place, Legoland, and more.
10 Thanksgiving Movies for Kids to Watch After the Turkey Day Feast
Fight the post-dinner lull with one of these kid-friendly Thanksgiving movies. They're perfect for the entire family!
Halloween Craft Project: Robot Mask
Antennae? Buttons? Switches? Lights? Yes! All of the above are fair game when you're designing the ultimate Halloween robot helmet costume.
Halloween Craft Project: No-Carve Owl Pumpkin
Whoooooo says you have to carve your pumpkin to make it festive? Try this mess-free version of a Halloween craft classic with your family.
Halloween Craft Project: Make a Miniature Haunted House
Kids a little too scared to head into a real haunted house? Craft your own small-scale (and far less spooky) version.

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These Tricked-Out Halloween Buckets Take Your Kids' Candy Collection to the Next Level
Cauldrons, skulls, monogrammed princess skirts, and other candy buckets and totes add a personal touch to trick-or-treating.

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Parents' Day This Year

Parents' Day is a day to honor all forms of parenthood and the people who take on this role. Find out more about this holiday and the fun ways you can celebrate it with your family.