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  1. your info on alcohol during pregnancy is highly troubling { https://www.parents.com/getting-pregnant/age/pregnancy-after-35/pregnancy-risks-after-age-35/}

    you're basically stating that experts aren't sure about alcohol in early pregnancy. this is completely false - alcohol during early pregnancy has been shown to be incredibly harmful - it causes FASD - fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. there is a lot of evidence - in fact the Surgeon General recommends women of childbearing age to be very careful about alcohol intake and not partake if they are trying to conceive.

    please find more information here {https://www.nofas.org/ } and here { http://www.iard.org/policy-tables/drinking-guidelines-pregnancy-breastfeeding/}.

    I am a reasearcher on FASD and we have spent countless hours trying to educate pregnant women on the dangers of alcohol which is a known teratogen ( an agent that is known to cause birth defects).

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