High School Grad Posts Viral Twitter Thread to Educate Anti-Vaxxers

After studying the subject for her senior paper, Taylor Sharp is gaining applause for her Twitter lesson on why parents should vaccinate their children.

The best way to share an important message is to speak up quickly and confidently. And using technology to reach an audience gives millennials the power to bring change—a responsibility we are welcoming with open arms. Take recent Greensburg Salem High School graduate Taylor Sharp for example. While compiling research for her senior paper, Sharp became fed up with people advocating against vaccinating their children and decided to take matters into her own Twitter-friendly hands.

The soon-to-be Slippery Rock University freshman used the social media platform to spit some facts about the subject. In her Twitter exposé, Sharp presents the hard facts alongside supporting memes or gifs—because she obviously knows how to appeal to the public. She has no time for fake news or bogus celebrity endorsements because history and science are on her side. Class is in session folks, and professor Sharp has the stage.

She starts out strong with an attention-grabbing intro.

As promised, she hits us again and again with factual background information.

Sharp then brings us back to why the conversation is relevant today.

She provides an easy-to-grasp hypothetical that supports her argument.

We can appreciate her millennial sass as she debunks the fears of anti-vaxxers.

Worthy of a slow clap and mic drop, this legendary thread should be saved, shared, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Class is dismissed everyone, let’s hope you chose to listen and take notes.

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