Vaccine Facts

What are vaccines and why are they necessary for your child? Read important vaccine facts and information to learn why vaccinations are important.

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Parents Are Having Measles Parties and It's As Insane As It Sounds
As the number of measles cases skyrockets, some parents have been taking a more dangerous approach to building their kids immunity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends children, teens, and adults be up to date on MMR vaccinations.
Getting the Tdap Vaccine During Pregnancy Could Save Your Baby's Life
A pregnant woman's Tdap vaccine will help protect her newborn against pertussis (whooping cough) until he's old enough to get his own shots.
This Mom Risks Jail Time if She Doesn't Vaccinate Her Son
A judge says this mom has one week to vaccinate her son, or else she is headed for the big house.
Ear Infection Rates Are Down, and You Can Thank the Pneumococcal Vaccine
Ear infections aren't fun for kids or their parents. And now, researchers believe they know why rates have gone down significantly. 
Many Parents Aren't Aware Their Teens Need Crucial Vaccines
A new poll suggests important immunizations for diseases like HPV and meningitis are falling by the wayside because parents don't know their teens need them.
The Majority of Parents Don't Know About IPD and How Dangerous It Can Be
A new survey by Parents and Pfizer shows that parents and parents-to-be don’t know enough about this infectious disease and how to prevent it.

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