Caroline Hirons, a mom and beauty industry expert, shared a heartbreaking story on social media and took Kat Von D to task for promoting an anti-vaccine stance.


Last week, tattoo artist, reality star, and first-time mom-to-be Kat Von D made headlines for taking to Instagram to say she is "having a natural, drug-free home birth in water with a midwife and doula," and has "the intention of raising a vegan child, without vaccinations." In response, a beauty industry expert and mom named Caroline Hirons shared her own heartbreaking story in response to Kat's post.

On Instagram, Hirons detailed her son Dan's battle with mumps. She shares he was rushed to the hospital with a raging fever, hallucinations, and a severe migraine. "His fever took a week to come down within normal range, even with the best of modern medicine available," she wrote. "At the time he was a 23 year old man, fitter than most, who played football for approx 4 hours a day. Mumps felled him. He lost over two stone in weight. Without intensive medical intervention he would not be here. Now imagine he was a baby. Or someone with a compromised immune system."

She then explained that when she sees celebrities like Kat Von D "using their platform to promote raising her unborn child ‘without vaccinations’, I want her and the drones of ill-advised people underneath, including @kandeejohnson to see and know that this is the reality of ‘benign diseases’. You have the absolute unbelievable arrogance of a ‘choice’, because the rest of us responsible people/parents DID vaccinate. These diseases were almost gone, now they are back because some people think they know better than all the scientists, physicians and specialists in modern science. ... As I said in my post last year, vaccinate your kids. Or keep them the hell away from mine."

Despite the fact that the CDC and multiple studies have confirmed there is no link between autism and vacciationmore parents are refusing vaccinations for their kids, according to a recent report from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, as part of its Health of America report series. The report noted that it's a small but growing number of parents who are opting out of having their children get recommended shots. Celebrities' influence may not be entirely to blame for this trend, but it's understandable why Hirons would want to call Kat out for her post.

The proud mom concluded that her son is "our hero. And no, I am obviously not talking about you if you are unable to have the vaccines. You are who the rest of us should be trying to protect."