Chicken Pox Vaccine

Fewer kids have chickenpox now thanks to the varicella (chickenpox) vaccine. Read more facts about chickenpox and the vaccine.

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Chickenpox Outbreak at North Carolina School with High Anti-Vaccination Rate Leaves Dozens Sick

A school in Asheville, North Carolina, has been inundated with dozens of cases of the chickenpox following high rates of parents refusing to vaccinate their children.
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11-Month-Old Suffers Stroke After Chickenpox—Shining a Light on the Importance of Vaccines

An 11-month-old boy suffered a stroke after contracting chickenpox, which he likely got from his older siblings, according to a new report. The boy had not been immunized, and the case is shining a light on the importance of vaccination.
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Chicken Pox Symptoms and Treatment

Without the chicken pox vaccine, the contagious virus can include rashes on the body and blisters in the mouth.
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When Babies Get Chickenpox

This is what to do if you think your little one may be infected with chickenpox.
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Is the Chickenpox Vaccine Safe?

Many parents wonder if their child really needs the chickenpox vaccine. This is what the experts say.
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What Does Chickenpox Look Like?

It's not always as easy to spot as you may think. These are the telltale signs.
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8 Facts About Chickenpox

The disease isn't as common as it used to be, but it can be very serious in children. Here's what you need to know about chickenpox.
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Chickenpox Facts

Learn how to prevent and treat this common childhood disease.
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