Solar Buddies Child Friendly Sunscreen Applicator with sponge roll

Putting Sunscreen on a Baby Is 'Faster, Easier, and Less Messy' With This Clever Gadget

Parents are calling it a game changer for kids of all ages.
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We don't have to tell you that putting sunscreen on your kids is a messy job. If you've been looking for a hassle-free way to apply and reapply SPF during a day in the sun, Amazon shoppers have exalted the Solar Buddies Sunscreen Applicator, a convenient gadget that gently and efficiently applies sunscreen without creating a mess (or a fuss). 

Its easy-to-use design eliminates the squirminess that comes with rubbing in sunscreen and ensures that every last drop is used. All you need to do is fill it with your preferred SPF and let the rollerball-sponge applicator rub it into your child's skin until they are adequately covered. No more messy hands, and best of all, no more tears. The ingenious applicator is generating buzz on social media: Influencer Kassy Randazzo dubbed it the "ultimate summer must-have from Amazon" for parents of young children in an Instagram video with a whopping 67,000 likes as of this writing. "It has a rollerball and sponge that makes applying sunscreen a breeze. You can apply it without getting it all over your hands and it makes it so much easier when there's sand involved," she continued.

Solar Buddies Child Friendly Sunscreen Applicator with sponge roll
Credit: Amazon

In their Amazon reviews, parents say that the Solar Buddies applicator works wonders for children who never sit still. "I have a six-year-old and we live in the desert, so we wear a lot of sunscreen and it is always a fight," one shopper wrote. "Specifically putting sunscreen on her face. I can't use the spray because she says it gets in her nose and all that. And the traditional rub on sunscreen is always a battle. This eliminates the fight. She can apply sunscreen to her face herself and it goes on quickly and evenly." 

Another noted that the applicator can dispense "any lotion-type sunscreen" without leaking. It "makes putting on sunscreen for my toddler much faster, easier, and less messy," they shared. 

For one parent, their kids aren't the only ones the device covers—they prefer to use it too, and they believe it helps them from wasting sunscreen. Others called it a "game-changer" for preventing sticky sunscreen fingers. "No more touching the sunblock and getting hands all messy," said one Amazon customer. "Love this." 

Take the stress out of SPF and grab the Solar Buddies Sunscreen Applicator from Amazon.