Life with Spina Bifida

An interview with one mom about her daugher's disability.


Hi. My name is Elizabeth and a mom to Emily who's 3 and has Spina Bifida. For parents who have just received the diagnosis that your child has Spina Bifida, I tell them that it really is going to be okay. There's probably around very scary medical information that you're receiving from the doctors but at the end of the day, you're going to give birth to a beautiful baby. You're gonna love that baby unconditionally and everything that you'll be facing in terms of medical needs or therapeutic your child needs will become your new normal. I know you just got to figure out [unk] always with the first time here. Something's have to become a new normal in our lives since Emily has been born with Spina Bifida. Have been arranging our schedules for an increase amount of therapies. There are few medical responsibilities that you have to do in terms of surgeries which can be frightening but are also necessary for your child. There are some additional medical things we're taking care during the day. The things that I think are most important for families for not raising child with disability to know about-- these kids which is like everyone's kid. They may have some things individual but the beauty of it is that's what we all have. I might wear glasses and she might use a walker. But everybody has [unk] individuality. The biggest piece of advice I'd say not to do is [unk] asking question. There's absolutely nothing wrong of coming up and say, what's your diagnosis or why she used it to help? I find that the best thing that to happen is when kids come up and ask her and always have a great personality because I tell them what she uses before she needs a little bit of help walking. And they say, okay and they move on and [unk] with me. So it's great for them to come up and ask. Actually [unk] to come and ask, just make sure you're asking the right one. I'm extremely happy that she's growing up and [unk] advancement of the technology and such a big movement to be more and convincing on people with disabilities and with differences. My biggest hope for her [unk] independent, she's confident and that she just enjoy her life and has a great future.

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