15 Things Not to Say to the Parent of a Child with Special Needs

From the dreaded phrases to avoid to the right questions to ask, here's the best way to support a parent whose child has special needs.


[MUSIC] 6 Things Not to Say to a Parent Whose Child Has Special Needs. "I'm sorry." Having a child with special needs is no tragedy, and it's not something you need to express regret over. You wouldn't apologize to other parents for the existence of their kids, right? "I don't know how you do it." How we do it? Like any other parent: one moment, one day, one year at a time. "You're really amazing to take care of a child with special needs." This reinforces the idea that our children's conditions are a tragedy that only "super" parents can handle. We're not amazing, we're just doing our best. "Have you tried a cure?" A special need is part of a child's make up¿not a disease to be cured. "He looks normal. Are you sure he has special needs?" Many kids have "invisible" disabilities¿and they shouldn't have to prove them simply because the world cannot see them. "You must be really scared for the future. Did you hear about..." Yes, we worry about the future, but so does every student. Sharing sad stories about adults with special needs doesn't help alleviate those fears. Instead, let's work together to build a better future. 

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