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Find out how to identify early signs of special needs, get tips for navigating through the diagnosis process, and get the lowdown on early intervention options. And, discover the challenges and triumphs of bringing up a child with special needs.

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Why I Hate My Kid's Birthday

It may sound harsh to say I hate my son's birthday, but there are mixed emotions that come with a birthday of a child with special needs.

5 Simple Ways to Help Teachers When Your Child Has Special Needs

Open communication with your child's teacher will make any school year more positive and productive. Experts offer simple but effective ways parents can make that happen.

My Partner and I Both Use Wheelchairs: This Is How We Parent Despite Our Disabilities

Born with a rare condition called arthrogryposis, one Minnesota mom explains how she and her partner are raising a daughter and advocating for parents with disabilities along the way.

Staying Home Without a Village Can Be Hardest on Parents of Kids With Special Needs, Here's How to Help

My son has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and a mood disorder, which has landed him in the hospital on several occasions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents like myself find ourselves struggling even more. Here's how our loved ones can help.

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Kohl's Just Launched Clothing for Kids with Special Needs

The new adaptive clothing will have sensory and wheelchair-friendly options and will be introduced to their three largest kids’ brands. This big step is making stylish options more accessible for all.

New App Helps Hearing-Impaired Parents Identify When & Why Their Babies Are Crying

The technology, developed by UCLA researchers, is a game-changer for deaf parents and any parent who wants to better understand their little one's cries.