"Annoying, isnt it? You talk and I'm not listenin. But we are really dreamers and we just wanna envision it."

ADD with Penn
Credit: The Holderness Family/YouTube

Two things have become blatantly clear to me since watching the latest parody from the Holderness fam: First, I really, really want to be adopted by these guys. And second, I totally have adult-onset Attention Deficit Disorder. Or at least I do if we're using the definition set forth by Papa Penn in this awesome new anthem to disarray called "You Down With ADD," set to the tune of Naughty by Nature's hit single "O.P.P."

"To me, calling this a disorder is misleading, see. Cause there are so many things we do magnificently. We're passionate and visionary and spontaneous. We're also fun to be around so come be friends with us. And yes, sometimes we are forgetful and then total slobs. But when we grow up we are gonna work hard at out jobs. Annoying isn't it? You talk and I'm not listenin. But we are really dreamers and we just wanna envision it."

All. So. True. In fact, I've experienced every single parenting mishap Penn hilariously showcases in the music vid, from finding the remote control in the refridgerator—check!—to leaving the kitchen faucet running, and then driving off with my cup of coffee sitting on top of the car.

I may or may not have even done that last thing more than once. And those other ones, too. But hey, at least life in our house is never boring. Just don't ask me to show you the water bill.

So yeah. I'm totally down with ADD (and so is he). And if you can't watch this entire clip once-through without wondering if there's a way to make your bed using solar power, then there's a pretty good chance you are too. Welcome to the... hey look, it's a squirrel!

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