Kmart joins Target in promoting acceptance for people of all abilities through its advertising.

By Jamie Pacton
March 23, 2016
Kids with disabilities modeling for Kmart
Credit: Kmart

Hooray! This week Kmart joined Target in promoting acceptance for people of all abilities through its advertising. The retail giant just featured two kids with disabilities in a recent catalog out of its Australian branch, and it's getting a very positive response across the world.

As one commenter said on Kmart's Facebook page: "Your small gesture of acceptance and inclusion creates small steps towards more public acceptance."

I couldn't agree more with this sentiment, and I'm thrilled to note that this ad is part of a larger trend towards more inclusion in the retail and fashion industries.

For example, in the last few months, Lego made headlines by announcing the upcoming release of a minifigure in a wheelchair. We've also seen models with disabilities walking the runway and appearing in major ad campaigns this year. With the help of the nonprofit Runway of Dreams, Tommy Hilfiger recently released an adaptive clothing line. And the folks at Changing the Face of Beauty report that there are many more exciting opportunities happening in the coming months.

I'm especially glad to see this after the recent World Down Syndrome Day PSA that I believe didn't do enough to include someone with a disability.

Kmart's actions are another step in the right direction towards full inclusion, and I can't wait to see what's next when it comes to promoting acceptance for people of all abilities!

Jamie Pacton lives in the Pacific Northwest where she drinks loads of coffee, dreams of sailing, and enjoys each day with her husband and two sons. Find her at and Twitter @jamiepacton.