Seth Lane bubble boy

Did you wear yellow today? If not, you can still find a way to incorporate some yellow into your day.

Seth Lane, 5, was diagnosed with a rare genetic health issue, severe combined immunodeficiency disorder (SCID), when he was just five months old.

Having SCID means that Seth has no immune system to fight off any bacteria, germs, and infection, and in order to survive, he has to live in a completely sterile room. (As a result, Seth is often known as "bubble boy.")

So far, the British boy has spent most of his life at the hospital and on antibiotics, waiting for a bone marrow transplant, which is the only way for him to survive outside a sterile environment. Even though he had a transplant at 7 months old, his body rejected the marrow. In a week, Seth will have his gallbladder removed; if the surgery is a success, Seth will then start chemotherapy a few weeks after and also receive a second bone marrow transplant.

In spite of all ths, Seth's mom, Leanne, reveals, "He is the most loving, happy child...He deals with everything extremely well."

To help keep Seth's happiness afloat and bring awareness to SCID, Seth's family decided to start a #WearYellowforSeth social media campaign inspired by Seth's favorite color, yellow. The hashtag was created to ask people around the world to wear yellow today. "Yellow is Seth's absolute favorite color. He loves anything yellow," Leanne says. The family also filmed a few short videos of Seth holding up yellow signs explaining his condition and asking people to post photos of themselves wearing the hue.

So far, thousands and thousands of supporters have posted #WearYellowforSeth photos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (including some beloved Sesame Street characters and news anchors!).

Learn more about Seth's condition and his journey at the family's blog, Our Little Hero, and watch more YouTube videos at OurLittleHeroSeth -- and don't forget to spread some sunshine (yellow)!

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Screenshot of Seth Lane from the #WearYellowforSeth video