Ten-year-old Benjamin's poem beautifully expresses his experience of the world as a kid with autism.

By Jamie Pacton
April 14, 2016
Boy with autism writes beautiful poem about how he experiences the world.

If you want to know about autism, ask an autistic person. I know I say that a lot, but it's a lesson that's driven home to me again and again as I read the blogs, letters, poems, and books that autistic people write. Non-verbal autistic people also have a lot to add to the conversation—and thanks to methods like RPM, they're now getting a chance to share their experiences of the world.

Autism Acceptance Month has brought a lot of these autistic voices into mainstream media—hooray!—and 10-year-old Benjamin just joined the conversation with the poem he wrote using pre-written prompts that started with "I feel, I see, I hear," etc. Benjamin's mom posted his poem on the National Autistic Society's Facbeook page, and it's been shared thousands of times since.

Here's what Benjamin wrote:

I am odd, I am new.

I wonder if you are too.

I hear voices in the air.

I see you don't, and that's not fair.

I want to not feel blue.

I am odd, I am new.

I pretend that you are too.

I feel like a boy in outer space.

I touch the stars and feel out of place.

I worry what others might think.

I cry when people laugh, it makes me shrink.

I am odd, I am new.

I understand now that so are you.

I say "I feel like a castaway"

I dream of a day that's ok

I try to fit in

I hope that someday I do

I am odd, I am new.

I love what the poem has to teach us about the autistic experience—and I also dream of a day where autistic people will feel like they fit in because acceptance is widespread.

To learn more about how autistic people move through the world, watch this life-changing video, and then check out some of these insightful, important blogs, all wrtten by autsitic people who have a LOT to say:

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