Um, yeah. We'd say this young man nailed Michael Jackson's dance.


Think you know the "Thriller" dance? An 8-year-old boy's rendition of the iconic Michael Jackson moves will have you thinking again. In a web cam video recorded in the English town of St. Ives in Cornwall, William Ryan rocks the choreography, even winning a "Thriller" challenge! His victory is made all the more sweet because William has autism, and according to his mom, still struggles to find his place in the world.

The video, which was posted on the Aspects Holidays Facebook page, has been viewed a staggering 161,000 times since William was pronounced the winner of the contest.

"And here it is...the winning entry in our half term webcam challenge!" an accompanying caption reads. "8 yr old William Ryan with his brilliant rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller! Congratulations William, your hamper full of goodies will be ready to pick up tomorrow! Make sure you watch it with the sound on and feel free to share!"

According to The Huffington Post, William, who taught himself the "Thriller" dance, was diagnosed with autism at age 5. His mother, Gemma Ryan, says the win has meant a lot to her son. On Facebook, she wrote about William, "He struggled to communicate, struggled academically in school and continues to struggle to socialise and make friends but about eighteen months ago his Dad introduced him (via YouTube) to the wonders of Michael Jackson and he watched his videos for hours on end and learnt all his routines off by heart. He loves to dance and as I've been reading your comments to him it has blown his mind that so many people like him! Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts."

No, thank you, William! You are #inspirational!

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