The Sweet Reason This Mom Received 163 Identical Shirts from Strangers Around the World

Wow, Internet. You really came through for this family!

As parents, we would literally do anything to make our children happy. For one mom of a young girl with autism, that meant finding a specific shirt she loved that was sold at Target four years ago!

Deborah Grimshaw Skouson of Utah posted this urgent message on her Facebook page on August 7, and it has subsequently been shared more than 5,300 times: "Okay friends and family, I need your help! As most of you know, my daughter Cami has autism. For the past 4-5 years, she has been fixated on THIS shirt. The mom also included a photo of the hot pink, graphic printed top Cami loves.

"She got her first one in kindergarten 5 years ago, and we have found 4 more since then, mostly on eBay," Skouson continued. "Her current one is almost unwearable, and eBay has gone dry."

The desperate mom added a description of Cami's beloved item of clothing, writing, "This shirt is a CIRCO brand from TARGET. They were sold in 2011-2012." Then she appealed to her friends to share the post in the hopes of locating an identical top. "We will pay for the shirt and the shipping if someone would be kind enough to sell it to us."

Skouson added, "It has to be this exact shirt! We've tried similar shirts, and they don't cut it with Cami!" She even said that any size would be great. And luckily, the Internet came through for this little girl.

A week after the touching call-out, Frank Somerville of local news station KTVU shared Cami's story and a photo of her wearing the shirt, presumably sent in by someone who saw Skouson's Facebook post. His post has since been shared more than 33,000 times on Facebook, and people from around the globe have come to the aid of the Skouson family in a big way. In a follow-up post to his page on Saturday, Somerville shared a note he'd received from Cami's mom: "I never could have imagined things turning out the way they have," she wrote. "We're now up to 163 shirts! I have been so touched by how kind and giving people can be. My daughter doesn't quite understand what is going on, but she loves seeing all of these new shirts! She picks each one up to examine it, and gets a huge grin on her face. I told her that so many people love her, and gave her these special presents. Thank you so much!"

In fact, the family has received so many shirts that Skouson is having some of them sewn into blankets and pillows for Cami. "Cami adores this shirt," Skouson wrote. "It brings her a lot of comfort. Thank you all for making my sweet girl's life a little happier!"

See—the Internet isn't all bad!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.

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